Strip 'n' Prep is a new concept in home decorating. It gives you professional results, but allows you to complete the decorating yourself. Basically, we do the hard stuff, so you don't have to. No more stripping, filling in, sanding, rubbing down, or lining walls for you - now you can just call Strip 'n' Prep and we will come in and do the dusty, dirty, no fun preparation work to leave your room perfectly prepared and primed for you to paint. That way, you really can tell your friends you did the decorating and graciously accept their praise for a really professional result!  
  Is the answer 'yes' to any of these questions?    
  • You like decorating, but hate the preparation?
  • You're not sure of the best materials for the job?
  • Want some help restoring an older place and need some advice?
  • Looking for a facelift for your home and want to find out the best approach?
  • Think you need to skim the walls, or will lining paper do the job?
  • Do you want someone to take the hard work out of redecorating?
  Then Strip N Prep can help!
Call Bill on 07974 398582 or email
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