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  The problem: Removing wallpaper in a modern house
In modern houses, problems present in older houses aren't usually in evidence. Instead, walls have usually been skimmed with plaster and painted. In these cases, there is no need to hang lining paper as the walls are already in good condition. But, if wallpaper has been previously hung, you can't just strip it off and then repaint - the residue of paste from the wallpaper will prevent paint adhering properly to the walls and cause an effect known in the trade as 'crazing' where tiny cracks can be seen all over the new paintwork!

The approach: (Rollover image for explanation)

The results:
A smooth, fully prepared room, ready for the addition of paint straight onto the lining paper, or more wallpaper over the top. Expensive replastering has been unnecessary, and the results are just as good – smooth, solid walls ready for a fresh new look.

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