Often though, we don't come across people who like decorating - after all, it's usually the people who don't like it that call us in! However, now we think we've come up with a way to help people who like decorating to help themselves, and we've called this service 'Strip 'n' Prep'. We hope it does exactly what it says on the tin...basically we can do the hard work, so you don't have to.

The Strip 'n' Prep team are on hand to provide advice and guidance (if you need it) about any aspect of home redecoration. We can tell you whether you really need to replaster, or if lining paper will do the job for you. We can advise you on what type of preparation and paint will get the results you need. And even better - we can do it all for you! Leaving you with rooms that are ready for you to just add the paint or the paper and finish off.

We will do all the rubbing down, filling in, sanding off, sealing, priming and just about anything else, so the room is all ready for you to finish off in double quick time - and of course when people comment on the quality of the work, you can take the glory. With us, you have the peace of mind of knowing we are Trading Standards approved, and also for your convenience, we are able to accept credit and debit card payments,allowing you to spread your payments if you prefer.
  Case Studies    
  Removing wallpaper in an older house
We've all been there in older houses. You strip off the wallpaper with a sense of dread...what will be underneath? More often than not, it's a whole heap of trouble - unsound walls and flaking plaster remind you why it's taken just so long to get round to decorating!... Read on
  Removing wallpaper in a modern house
It seems simple enough in a modern house to just remove previous paper and paint straight on the walls - they are in good condition. But beware - without proper preparation, you may get undesirable effects. Residue of wallpaper paste can ruin the effect of your carefully applied paint ... Read on
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